December 11, 2010

A couple of new ones.

What a year!

This year has gone by faster than any other I can remember. I don't know if it's just my business or the world around me that makes things move so fast. Any way it's December already. Again.
I hope everyone has had a good year and you are still being blessed in some way.
This year brought a huge change for me in my choice of career. I spent the last twenty three years sitting at a desk as a CAD or construction manager in a field that had more ups and downs than any rollercoaster out there. And it always seemed that there was no possible way to please everyone. In a position where you are in the middle of a process you are always bound to not meet up to someones expectations. You do your best to make promises to a customer when most of the process isn't even in your control. The management, suppliers, shipping, manufacturing, econ0my, whatever. The customer would always ending up getting the short end of it all. And when you lose a long time position you lose people that are much like family and I do miss them.

So when My company decided to make another posturing downsize I decided it was time to eliminate the interference between me and my customers. I wanted one on one contact and a chance to meet every promise I make. I now work as a shop foreman for United Access. I work with the disabled to help keep them mobile in a world that has changed for them in a big way. I give them back their freedom to be transported and to even drive again and I can't explain the satisfaction you get when you see someone's eyes that just got part of their life back. This job was out there for me and it fit perfect for my approach to people and my ideas about helping the customer first. I am truly happier than I have been in many years.

I am still very active in my church, I still work on restoring cars, and yes I even paint. Sorry I haven't put up anything new for you lately. I even deleted all the posts on here to give it a new start. My family is still growing and trying to find their spot in the world. Two daughters now adults and my son finishing up high school. And Linda still working harder than ever to do for everyone and still be there for me. She truly is an angle.

I learned something the other day about a saying. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". That is not necessarilly true. If that is the case then some one can say that someone elses beauty is ugly.
As far as art goes I am sick of artists that dare the world to say their work is crap. It's like we all have to say " well someone must like it". They can through any thing up on a wall or pedestal and we have to be polite and accept it as art because someone might like it. Bullshit. If it sucks say it sucks. Stand there and say "what's the hells wrong with you". Don't be scared to tell the truth and always say what you are thinking instead of going with what the world must think.

In my case I always paint for me. I paint what my mind comes up with to capture the idea or feeling. My paintings are me. I accept who I am and I don't expect you too because the world says you have to. My paintings express an emotion or convey a message. If you get it when you look at it then you see what I was thinking about. Job done. If you say "what the hell's wrong with that guy" or "what drugs is he taking" then that is an honest reply. This world needs more truth and less sugar coating.